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Gabe Lewis

Owner & Founder-P L C ~ PAL Club

Please contact me with all of your questions.

Call me at (717) 254-9334.

My Email: TheSuper12Club@gmail.com

The Founder of the Super 12 Club, Gabe Lewis, was born in Brooklyn, New York where he spent his early life. After a few years of college, Gabe spread his wings and dove full-steam into the world of business, developing an extensive repertoire of experiences, including, retail sales, wholesale foods and appliances, the trucking industry and real estate investing.  From a very young age, Gabe had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and, with a business partner, in 1999, founded PAL and PLC, two Pennsylvania Lotto Clubs that are still running successfully today. These personal businesses complemented a major philosophical orientation of Gabe’s that all members of a money-making endeavor should share in the profits- more of a cooperative rather than standard competitive orientation.


Following the success of the Lotto Clubs, Gabe established a successful advertising company and began exploring the popular world of network marketing. He did not like what he found, seeing that most companies and programs were almost totally oriented toward company profits with little real regard for the welfare of members. He set out to change all that and with a few years of very dedicated work, his efforts culminated in 2019 with the founding of the Super 12 Club. Similar to his earlier Lotto Clubs, the focus is on all members experiencing success through targeted, comprehensive, member-support programs and a very unique payment plan that optimizes members’ financial success. In this unique plan, the company can only experience success when the members experience success! Gabe affectionately refers to the Super 12 Club as “his baby” and plans to have it around for a very long time.


Gabe and his lovely wife have five beautiful children and in the early 1990s, the family moved to the scenic, historic, Cumberland Valley in Pennsylvania where they enjoy small-town life and the wonders of nature all around them. Gabe and his family are committed to a high-level wellness lifestyle, focusing on physical exercise and fitness, natural nutrition, relaxation training, energy medicine with a particular emphasis on sound healing, wealth attainment, and being in service to others.


Gabe and his entire staff, along with all the members, invite you to join the very successful, totally member-oriented, Super 12 Club. Both your life and ours will be much enriched as a result!


Dr. J.M.